HudsonBill community currency - Hudsonville Michigan
This "community currency" is redeemable at local businesses all throughout Hudsonville! HudsonBills make great gifts and are a great way to support the local Hudsonville community!

The HudsonBill can be purchased online and redeemed at any participating merchant. Certificates are available in a variety of denominations and are one-time use. When certificates are redeemed, any unused balance will be returned to the purchaser in cash or in-store credit.

How to Purchase: Buy your HudsonBills today in the box below!

Thank you to Consumer's Energy for sponsoring a HudsonBill match program in December. HudsonBill buyers had $6,500 in purchases matched up to $50 each for a sweet deal boosting our small businesses this holiday season!

Corporate Buying Program
Corporate buyers can support small businesses and the community by purchasing HudsonBills as incentives for their teams.

How to join the HudsonBill Merchants:

Sign up to accept HudsonBills at your business through the link below.

Anyone can purchase the currency online, and it is very easy to use. HudsonBills are a great way to support local businesses and introduce new costumers to your business.

Click here for the HudsonBill Merchant purchase portal. Please contact hudsonbill@Hudsonvillechamber.com for your password to sign up

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